Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Séamus v Beggan

OK, guys here is the next game!

We apologise for the delay, but in the process of travelling around and filming the games our VX2000 has died, also, as you might imagine it is hard to organise to the skaters.

So, thanks to some very nice Irish filmer types, the games have still been getting filmed and uploaded!

We will be uploading a revised list of games due to some skateboarders being M.I.A

If you have a camera and you have the skateboarders, If you could film the game, upload it, and send the embed code to clar_scatala@hotmail.com, we could keep the ball rolling.

As usual, we will be trying get the funding to fix our camera. The prizes still stand for this event.

We will also be organising an event for the final games, so it could get very interesting!